May 2020 Videos

Representation of Information for Human-Swarm Communication

Dani Bassett – University of Pennsylvania

Resilience frameworks for multirobot systems

Gaurav Sukhatme – University of Southern California

Resilient Situational Awareness

George Pappas – University of Pennsylvania

Resource-Aware Planning and Control for Heterogeneous Agents

Panagiotis Tsiotras

Resource-Aware Planning and Control for Heterogeneous Agents

Pannnagiotis Tsiotras, GIT

Science and Engineering of Computing with Tensors for Efficient Monitoring of Large-scale Swarms

Sertac Karman – Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Semantic Representations for Efficient Planning

Nicholas Roy, MIT

Simultaneous Task Assignment and Planning

Seth Hutchinson – Georgia Institute of Technology

Situational Awareness via mixed air-ground robot teams

Nikolay Atansov – University of California San Diego

Task RA1.B1: Distributed Learning, Inference & Planning

Jonathan How, MIT

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