May 2020 Videos

Abstractions of Tasks and Heterogeneity for Autonomous Groups

Vijay Kumar, University of Pennsylvania

Adaptice Task Allocation for Heterogeneous Multi-Robot Systems

Magnus Egerstedt – Georgia Institute of Technology

Agile Robotics and Perception Lab

Giuseppe Loianno – New York University

Composable Autonomy in Heterogeneous Groups

Nora Ayanian – University of Southern California

Distributed Multi-robot Exploration and Samplinng

Henrik Christensen – University of California San Diego

Graph Neural Networks

Alejandro Ribiero

Hierarchical, Composable, and Adaptable Learning

Sergey Levine – University of California Berkley

Learning Explicit Communication for Decentralized Planning

Amanda Prorok – University of Cambridge

Modeling Human Traits

Sonia Chernova – Georgia Institute of Technology

RA1.B2: Collaborative Learning in Multi-Agent Networks

Kostas Daniilidis

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